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Loyalty Solutions for Online food ordering application

In present time, the most successful business on internet is online food ordering and delivery business. With the help of this model thousands of starts up generating decent revenue and growing with very high speed. You need to develop loyalty among your customers for a successful business. If your customer never return back to your platform after one time use then you are not going in right direction.

Our Loyalty program solutions

  • Campaign Management.

  • Real-time customer engagement.

  • Convenient member communication.

  • Flawless backend infrastructure.

  • Card based programs.

  • Card less programs.

  • Easy POS system integration.

  • Easy e-commerce integration and payment gateways.

  • Full performance report.

  • Easy registration.

  • Omni-channel redemption.

  • Flexible program attributes.

Benefits of our loyalty programs

Convenient ordering

Convenience ordering to your customers translates to more order, more average bill totals. It also provides excellent opportunity to build healthy and loyal relationship with those customers.

Customer Insights

Collecting data helps businesses to analyze about their customers. With every order placed online, our application collect valuable customer data.


Customer database have all the info regarding the customers like their contact details. Restaurant can use these details to further communicate with the customers and send new offer details, discount coupon details, special services, etc to your customers.

Single platform

With the help of this single platform you can manage all loyalty functions like data collection, analysis, campaigns and results.

Customized rewards

If someone is your permanent customer from very long time, he deserves some extra benefits. Launch your own loyalty rewards to increase your customer loyalty and profitability. Offer some reward points on every order so that customer comes again and again in order to gain those points.

We are an online food ordering script and delivery service. We are specialized in web and mobile application products and services. So, if you are looking to create a food app that is similar to Foodpanda clone, grubhub and hungryhouse then contact  Php Expert Technologies. Well, mobile application development is our basic capability with a strong portfolio in both iOS and Android platforms.

any  lead should be appreciated.

My email : phpexpertgroup@gmail.com

Skype : dharm.raj20

Whatsapp : +917428069025,+919911326958

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